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As a result of the Telecommunications Deregulation Act of 1998,  Dean Ethridge founded Amerivox Communications as a telecommunications consulting company to help business clients take advantage of reduced pricing on telecom bills, improved internet speed offerings, and bill consolidation for regional companies in the Southeast.  Amerivox has grown into one of the leading telecommunications consultantsin the US with hundreds of clients that have used their services over the years.
Prior to starting Amerivox, Dean was one the leading wireless dealers in the Southeast for Nextel Communications, Sprint Wireless, ATT (Cingular) with numerous retail locations and B2B salespeople.  His knowledge of the industry is invaluable to his clients in trying to find the best solution for all their communication needs.

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Telecommunications Consultants Can Broker Great Pricing from Top Carriers

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Amerivox is a telecom broker that helps customers tackle the strategic, operational, support and cost-containment challenges surrounding their communications services.  Founded in 2001 as full service telecommunications consultants, Amerivox Communications is a leading national telecom broker of voice and data solutions, mobile communications, and unified communications services. 
Our portfolio of products includes Phone Service, Hosted PBX Phone Systems for Business, Internet, MPLS, Cloud Computing, Mobile Services, Digital Loyalty Programs, Email Marketing, Social Media integration and other communication related products. 

As telecommunications consultants, we assist companies with network design, basic consulting, multiple provider quotes and telecom bill audit reports and provide this free of charge to our clients!  Our telecom broker Team has extensive experience; our “can do” attitude and the special skills of our people have brought success to our many valued customers.  Amerivox, like many telecommunications consulting companies, has an extensive portfolio of 70+ telecom service providers worldwide.  Our variety of options for Voice, Data and Cloud products give our customers the flexibility they need to find the best solutions for their particular situation.  These options, along with our expertise, allow the flexibility needed to create custom solutions for each of our customers that best fits them financially, operationally and strategically.

Amerivox offers the best small business phone systems available in the industry, unified communications with cloud based solutions, mobile communications from major carriers, improved bandwidth optimization, and partners with over 70 telecommunication Carriers. As telecommunications consultants, Amerivox is “Carrier Neutral” so our clients don’t have to feel pressure to meet with a variety of carriers to decide which company has the best solution for their business.

Amerivox has existing relationships with all the major carriers, and works closely with them to get the best pricing possible as well as saving customers time from researching the proper solution for their needs. Furthermore, our telecommunication consulting services are free to clients.  We are compensated by our carriers to not only provide new services to businesses, and also to retain those services in the future.

This creates a win-win scenario that allows a business to form a healthy long-term relationship with a client versus a one time pressurized sale from a company This creates a win-win scenario that allows a business to form a healthy long-term relationship with a client versus a one time pressurized sale from a company representative whose only incentive is a one time commission. Working with a telecommunications broker to lower communication costs or to provide better internet, mobile or technology solutions is simply a better way of conducting business. We value the relationships we have formed over the years, and look forward to future opportunities to develop new ones.representative whose only incentive is a one time commission. Working with a telecommunications broker to lower communication costs or to provide better internet, mobile or technology solutions is simply a better way of conducting business. We value the relationships we have formed over the years, and look forward to future opportunities to develop new ones.

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“Working with a telecommunications broker saves companies valuable time, and saves them up to 60% over working with traditional carriers.  In essence, we take your opportunity to the top carriers in the telecom industry, and have the bid their services for procurement .  This ensures the best pricing for the best service providers for your solution, and eliminates single carrier bias”  


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Dean Ethridge

Founder of Amerivox


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Amerivox is More Than a Telecom Broker, We Can Help Grow Your Business


As the growth of the internet evolved over the years, Dean learned how to optimize multiple websites for communications products, and became one of the top recruiters in the country for a T-Mobile MVNO for customers and dealers online. After selling thousands of activations and recruiting hundreds of dealers Nationwide, unfortunately, this carrier declared bankruptcy and closed operations.telecommunications consultants,business phone systems birmingham al

From this experience, Dean decided to include primary marketing services and assistance to small to medium sized companies. 360 Business Reviews is a marketing agency he established that offers affordable local SEO services,  website design and development, video production, video
SEO, digital customer loyalty programs, and PPC advertising for clients.

Our overall mission is to help small businesses avoid mistakes that cost them valuable resources and time, and to help them develop a solid presence online that enables them to dominate the competition in their chosen niche.

Our primary focus as telecommunications consultants is to help companies save money on their telecom bills, but if the opportunity presents itself we can absolutely help clients improve search engine rankings, their online image, and improve their sales online. We can build beautiful, highly effective websites using WordPress (the leading website platform in the World) for less than $800 in most cases, and can develop E-Commerce solutions using Shopify (The #1 Ecommerce solution online) for a very reasonable cost. In fact, with companies that bill over $500 per month we provide free local SEO services that get guaranteed results with numerous clients achieving top rankings for extremely competitive terms.

We understand technology…Period.  We love working with clients that are serious about growing their business through improved communications, and implementing effective digital marketing strategies that are proven to work time after time. 

Ready to save money for your business, or make more income from your online presence? Schedule a free 30 minute consultation today to see how Amerivox Communications and 360 Business Reviews can help your business grow and prosper immediately.

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We Value Long Term Relationships

How do we differ the most from our competitors? Other than our client’s results, our compensation model allows us to ensure your satisfaction long term. Moving? Changes in Technology? We’re here to help.  We’ve worked with companies from single-person startups to Fortune 500 executives and everything in between. Give us the opportunity to discuss your current situation, and we believe you’ll find our consultative approach is refreshing when compared to being pressured to “Buy Now” that is typical in our industry.

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Marketing & Web Design Services

In addition to telecom services, we offer a variety of professional marketing services that help you achieve your financial business goals. 

We make beautiful websites, affordably, that get amazing results…guaranteed.  We focus on helping companies improve their presence online by implementing digital loyalty programs for social media engagement, improving Local SEO for better exposure, and provide a simple, duplicatable system to improve their online sales & conversions every single time.


Affordable (or Free) Local SEO Services

Similar to conducting telecom bill audits, Search Engine Optimization is extremely technical and sometimes difficult to understand without the proper tools.  We provide our clients access to the same software that we use to optimize our online properties.  We’ve achieved top rankings Nationally, and our Local SEO services have provided numerous clients top positions on Google, Yahoo, Bing or Youtube for extremely competitive terms. We also provide free Local SEO services for companies that bill over $500 in monthly telecom bills.

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Telecom Bill Audit Reports Shows Savings Opportunities, Even with Existing Providers


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Find the Best Solutions for Data Backup, Cloud Computing & Voice Communications 



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