Small Business Phone Systems Birmingham AL Hosted PBX Telecom Bill Audits

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Complete Telecom Bill Audits – Lower Costs

Optimize Network

Expense Reduction

Increase Bandwidth

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Small Business Phone Systems – Hosted PBX

Lower Voice Expenses

Increased Efficiency

Unified Communication

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Cloud Technology Solutions – Unified Communications

Managed Hosting

IT Outsourcing

eCommerce Solutions

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WAN Bandwidth Optimization

Increase Network Speed

Improve Redundancy

Reduce Bottlenecks

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A Consultative “Carrier-Neutral” Approach

At Amerivox Communications, we don’t work for our carriers, we work for our clients to find the best solutions for their businesses.  Being carrier neutral, it eliminates bias and the pressurized sales approach associated with most telecom companies.  Our telecom bill audits are free for clients along with most of the telecom consulting services we provide.  

We are paid by our carriers to service your account over time, which again, is unique in that we are fully invested in supporting your services as long as you remain with us as a customer.  Furthermore, we offer affordable marketing services that help you gain more customers as you implement new technologies in your business.  We love win-win scenarios for our clients!



Over 70+ Service Providers for Telecom/Cloud/Marketing

Though our services are divided into basic areas of Hosted PBX Phone Systems, Unified Communications or Cloud Technology Solutions, Bandwidth Optimization and Redundancy, Mobile Services, or our Marketing services such as website design, SEO Services & Customer Loyalty Programs, we treat all our clients as individuals and don’t think a one-sized-fits-all solution will work. We’ll help you develop a customized plan to your unique position.  

Our goal is to help each business improve communications, save money on telecom or marketing expenses, and choose the right solutions based on what your needs are.  Having multiple service providers helps us help you choose the right product mix for your business!



Save & Earn More in Your Business

We like to say we handle the “Big Rocks” for our clients, and every business needs voice, data, and marketing services in order to succeed.  Our track record of implementing technology based solutions for our clients is undeniable.  Our consultants are some of the best in their fields, in the entire US with years of experience.

We’ve saved our clients millions of dollars in telecom expenses, and have helped numerous clients achieve top rankings in the search engines for the most competitive keywords for their industry. We offer telecom bill audits to analyze your current infrastructure, expenses and current digital marketing properties.   We then provide affordable solutions that help you save & earn more in your business.


How Do Telecom Consulting Companies like Amerivox Differ from Direct Carriers?

Amerivox Communications has been one of the leading telecommunication consulting firms in the US since 2001.  Since the deregulation of telecommunication services from the incumbent “Ma Bell” carriers in 1998, we’ve helped hundreds of clients save millions of dollars on telecom expenses along with helping them communicate more efficiently.  

As technology has changed over the years, we have adapted to those changes.  We’ve also seen carriers come and go, and have learned the strengths or weaknesses of all the leading service providers in the industry. Mobile service applications, and the dependency of reliable data network services has created a somewhat confusing environment for most small businesses as well as many IT Departments.

Telecom Audit Services Lower Costs Immediately

Our telecom audit program helps uncover inefficient networks, overcharged carrier fees, unused data connections or phone lines, and saves customers up to 60% on their telecom expenses.  In addition we find that companies have vital questions in regards to their business goals & operational efficiency that they are not equipped to answer.

Often times they speak to multiple service providers and get multiple quotes on services they don’t fully understand such as small office phone systems, bandwidth optimzation, or consolidating bills across multiple regions using our telecom audit services.

One single carrier cannot provide the proper solution for every customer.  Our telecommunication consultants objectively analyze what you have today, and provide a telecom bill audit report that will help solve your communication problems well into the future.

Telecommunications Consultant with Over 70 Carriers

Tell us your business goals or problems, and WE communicate with the best carriers for your solution.  This saves you a lot of time and headache. We understand technology better than most, install small business phone systems in Birmingham AL and the surrounding areas, and work with partners across the country for almost any application.

With established contacts in the tech industry, Fortune 500 and some of the best marketing solutions in the world, we’ve created a dynamic company of business telecommunications consultants who are able to take your business in hand and turn it into the growing, dynamic powerhouse you’ve always imagined.


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  • Based in Birmingham, AL

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  • Eric Clemmons
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  • Telecommunications Consultant
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Our Telecom Consulting & Marketing Services

  • Hosted PBX Phone Systems
  • Complete Telecom Bill Audits
  • Digital Marketing Audits & Consulting
  • Internet Bandwidth Optimization
  • Cloud Solutions/Unified Communications
  • Mobile Phone & Data Solutions w Huge Savings
  • Digital Customer Rewards Programs w Email Marketing
  • Professional Website Design & Development
  • Affordable Local SEO Services
  • Reduce Telecommunication Costs & Improve Online Presence with Experienced Professionals!